Types of Apple iPhone Repair

Replacement for broken screen or display, dead pixels, water damaged screen or display panel on iPhones.

"Pregnant" Battery, Short Lasting Battery Life, or low battery life are necessary to replace for a new battery in order for your iPhone to function at it's peak performance.

Stuck Home Button, Malfunction Home Button are acceptable for the repair / replacement service for all kinds of iPhones that comes with Home Button.

"Scratchy housing / body, broken housing / body are accepted for housing / body replacement. This service are also applicapable to customers that are looking to change their iPhone housing color.

Malfunction / Shaterred camera lens iPhones are accepted for this services in order for your iPhone camera function properly.


Charges varies depends on model and service taken.

Time Required

Few hours to multiple working days depends on service taken.


Apple iPhone repairs are default covered with 1 month warranty unless stated otherwise.

How Can I Take This Service ?